Friday, August 24, 2012

How Quickly Time Goes By

I can't believe I didn't blog all week. I had every intention. but excuses, excuses. Here goes...

 The first day of preschool, Babe fell asleep in the Man's arms on the couch.  How sweet is that?  He has been so worn out from school and actually sleeping at night. yay!
 Buddy and his friends at the school back-to-school picnic last Friday. 
 Buddy and LG on the diving boards at the 4th grade party.  Yes, that's Buddy flipping in the air.  He is amazing at what he'll try and can do. 
 This guys is just hilarious.
Yesterday morning, I woke up after a full night's sleep.  Twice that's happen this week. Wow!  I immediately went straight to Babe's room and he wasn't there and so I headed straight to Buddy's room and sure enough - all three of them were piled in his bed.  Love it! 

Another busy weekend ahead with a sleepover, College soccer game, and a soccer scrimmage. 

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  1. Love the all nighters for you. Can't believe that is Buddy flipping off the diving board...I still wouldn't try the way the babe loves his brothers...yay for you