Sunday, August 19, 2012

Random Thoughts + photos

We are back into full swing of things with school underway and everything filling up the calendar yet again.  I may complain sometimes, but I do really like a full calendar, full life and having experiences with the kiddos.

I realized I have several photos on my phone that I've not shared, so here goes.

 A week ago Friday, the temperature here in our corner of OK actually dipped into the 60s for the first time since probably April.  We (or rather I) had hoped to get out and go camping, but with school activities ramping up, that wasn't possible, so instead, the Man took the big boys to the drive-in movies.  This is Buddy and his good friend from school (whose practically an honorary family member) in the back of the Man's truck.  They had a really awesome time and didn't get home until 2 AM. Yes, that's right - they watched a double feature and got home well after Babe and M.E. were asleep.
 That same weekend was LG's back-to-school party.  It was at a local church gym where the kids could run, play basketball or roller skate.  LG made one loop around the carpet and called it quites although he was actually doing pretty good toward the end.
 A small snapshot of him and some of his classmates.  I can hardly believe he is in 1st grade. Oh my!
 Fruit Salad has been a favorite the last few weeks.  Babe really like using a toothpick more than eating the fruit.
 At the doctor office for LGs 1st grade physical.  It sometime a major reality check for M.E. to know that I am raising three big boys.  Wow.
 Noteworthy... I some times have good luck. Last Tuesday, in the rush to get LG to speech right after school (which was the first day of school) and to get Buddy to the library to get a Book-of-the-Month Club book and to have an early supper before soccer practice, I decided to call in for pizza. As luck would have it, they made a mistake on my order and I got a whole second pizza for free.  It was rather nice in amongst all the chaos of the afternoon.... and then Buddy's practice was cancelled due to lightning in the area.  (secretly that's more good luck for M.E.)
A sign he's growing up!  Last week for whatever reason I can't remember Buddy was since to his room to chill out for a bit.  Normally this would result in whining, trashing his room, pouting and any number of acting out behaviors, but instead this time he cleaned and organized his top drawer into three nice sections - underwear, sports socks and school socks.  It was such a moment that I indeed did take a picture and am now blogging about it. 
Moving on....
On Saturday, I attended the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention.  And let M.E. just say I had been planning this day and saving my money since May 6 (the day I registered).  I was so excited for this to be my day, but you know what, I was disappointed.  I got a lot of cool stuff and the kits from my classes are fantastic and worth every dime, but the classes themselves were extremely basic.  I had some women in the class ask what Kraft cardstock was and another ask how to cut a 7x5 and a 7x7 piece of cardstock from one sheet of 12x12.  I know I get impatient, but seriously if you are a scrapbooker, these things should be done in your sleep.    That's all I'm going to say about that.  But my products and purchases are fantastic and I can't wait to really dive into them and makes stuff.
In the meantime, the Man had all the boys and his first stop was soccer practice with Buddy.  And while there it began to rain, much need rain for us.  Anyhow, he put LG and Babe in the van to wait and stay dry until practice was over.  Believe it or not, my van is clean, well not technically clean but there's nothing in it and the floor were vacuumed a week ago, but that's not the point. The point is that Babe managed to unearth a sharpie from somewhere I neglected to clean.
Thus I now have a nice mural on my drivers seat.  I'm calling it "A Late-Summer Rainshower"  - if you use your imagination I think you can see the hills and the rainbow and the eagle flying by with perhaps a lightning strike and a star.   He's talented that one!

Well, that's whats been going on and as always its an adventure worth having!!!!!!

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