Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting Ready for the Weekend

We love Friday's around here!  Its a chance to not worry about going to bed before dark or getting up early.  
As you can see, we don't like getting up early! I'm loving Friday's because the Man has agreed to take the big boys to school for M.E. and Babe doesn't have school so I can stay in my pajamas til 2PM if I'd like - not that I do! (okay, some days I do!)

This Friday was even more special because LG was having his first afterschool playdate. He was so excited. He made and hung up decorations. He lined up the wii games and movies he wanted to play/watch. He even told M.E. what pizza he wanted ordered and said that they must make cupcakes.  So afterschool, we did just as he planned. 
They played the wii for an hour, ate a bunch of cheese pizza and then helped M.E. make the best cupcakes, I've ever ate. Seriously, they were sooooo good. They finished the playdate with a movie.  LG had so much fun.  
In the meantime, the Man took Buddy and a friend to the local high school football game, where they ran around and acted like big kids and watched little football. 

Unfortunately LG started sneezing about 7:30 the time his allergy medicine wore off and had a pretty serious bout of sneezing, coughing and drainage.  Maybe it was the dust from the hurricane - but whatever it was he had a pretty rough night. At least he waited til his friend when home!

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