Monday, September 3, 2012


LG's not feeling great today and I even think he has a low grade fever, poor little bugger. So we hung out around the house all and did very little.
The Man wants to show you his duck.
 He shot this duck last season or maybe the season before that and its beautiful.  I've seriously got to learn how to use my camera so I can take good indoor pictures. The coloring on his head and wing feathers are unbelievable green and purples.  He's very majestic and is currently hanging on our bedroom wall, but the Man says he is going to take him to work on Monday!
And speaking of duck and hunting, the Man has been obsessing about this year's duck season.  He and two buddies have leased two different pieces of property way out in the country that they think are going to be prime duck ponds.  They have been out there scouting, planting millet and now have decided to Dove hunt until duck season starts (still 2 months away).  Its been quite the adventure so far.  And he has even got Buddy into it.
 Yep, Buddy in full camo!  They are going for real Dove Hunting on Monday morning with a bunch of guys and other little boys!  I pray they are safe! And I have to admit, Buddy looked pretty cool in his camo!

And here's a random pic of Babe being silly!

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