Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Thoughts Edittion #9

Several things on my mind today!

1- Its Friday which are always nice!

2- LG is feeling much, much better! I wound up taking him back to the doctor Wednesday morning, because his fever returned and after a negative strep test, a negative mono test, a negative west nile test - it was concluded that he had the flu.  THE FLU!  Needless-to-say, I've been a bit stressed out.

3- He missed Wed thru today of school and the homework is piling up!  Not fun for LG.

4- Reading is a real struggle for him and we are meeting with lots of professional to help us and him. More on this another day.
4 - Babe is starting earn *gems* (money for chores).  One of his favorite chores is taking out the compost.  He is so funny when he gets to the edge of the compost pile, he takes his time, concentrates and begins to the swing the bag so it'll have some momentum when he tossed it.  It pretty cool to witness.

5 - Babe was able to go back to school on Wednesday and Thursday and had a really good time. They say he is just a peach and they have already spoilt him. seriously.

6 - A big shout out to our friend Judy who came to my rescue this week and sat with LG while I worked.

7 - I had to work this week because Sunday is our Fall Kick-Off of youth group and we are not only doing middle school but have added the high school component.  I've really worried, planned and worked very hard and I'm still not satisfied with where we are.

8 - I think I might be a control-freak!

9 - Buddy has had a fantastic FANTASTIC week.  He started the week by getting to go dove hunting with the Man and some friends and even got to shoot his hand-me-down 410.  (Thanks Grampa and Nana for bringing him the Man's youth gun).
10 - The experience put him on cloud 9 and it spilled over into the week.

11 - Wednesday he gave his first oral report to his class and had his first big science test.  You may be wondering what's the big deal.  Well, its just that school work has always come easy for him. He's never really had to study or spend any extra time on any concept taught to him.

12- Fourth Grade is introducing him to things he has to work at. He is required to research, write and give a one-page report every month on a given topic.  This month he research and wrote about the Julian and Gregorian calendars.  It wasn't really difficult, but definitely new, definitely not his favorite thing and hard for the Man & M.E. not to help.  We were given strict instructions not to help. THAT WAS SO HARD TO DO!  We did break down and critique that a sentence didn't make sense and basic formatting like indention.  He has zero fear of public speaking (gets it from M.E) so giving the report was no biggie.

13 - His Science test was over food webs including ecosystems and such.  He had to study 15 minutes every night for 3 weeks to prepare.  The first week he didn't do very well with his flashcards, but eventually got the hang of it and afterwards he said that he only thinks he missed one!  We get the results today. I can't wait.

14 - Speaking of test, LG got his results from his very first spelling test ever.  He got 100%!!!!!!! You have no idea how awesome this achievement is!  We didn't really get to celebrate because he was sick. Perhaps we can tonight!

15 - Babe is obsessed with big floor puzzles. We have three of them and he LOVES them!  I know what he'll get for Christmas.

16 - 109 days until Christmas! 81 days until my birthday! 64 days until LG's birthday! 10 DAYS UNTIL THE MAN'S BIRTHDAY!

17 - Giada's club sandwich! Buddy's new favorite. Pesto, egg crepe, provolone, turkey, bacon, egg crepe and more pesto all on a croissant.  His words, "the best thing I've put in my mouth - that you've made".  Buddy is a foody and teases M.E. about my limited cooking ability.  But I wowed him with this one. NOTE: I originally made it on a think Italian bread and he suggested a croissant would be better.  It was.

18 - Its been over 100 degrees again this week. I seriously do not like 107.  Its just yucky!

19 - I've only managed to do two loads of laundry all week - things LG touched or slept on.  You can imagine what's ahead for M.E today and why I'm writing such a long post.

20 - The Man loves his new job!  Thanks to everyone for the prayers while he was unemployed!  A door was opened and its a really good thing.

21 - Last week, I managed to do two scrapbook layouts. Yeah, for real. I just decided to forget about house work for an hour and did them. It was refreshing.

22- Did I mention that our youth program kick-off is Sunday?

23 - Buddy had a soccer scrimmage on Wednesday night and his team won 3-2!  Awesome for him.

24 - Two dozen random thoughts is enough for anyone!  Here's to a calmer week, but I'm not holding my breath.

25 - One more thing, thank you to all my readers!  This blog officially surpassed 20,000 page views. Yes, 20,000 times someone open my blog! Wow that's pretty cool to M.E.

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