Monday, September 3, 2012

They lasted 14 days!

I decided that I wanted a family outing this long weekend and really wanted to take the boys to the zoo.  We have only been there once as a family (and Babe's never been) and knew LG and Babe would love it, especially the train, but its 105 degrees.  I'm not exaggerating - its for real 105 degrees outside, so we are not going to the zoo. So it was to the aquarium.  The boys have been there like a 100 times with our family pass, but its probably been a good 6 months since we've been and Babe didn't remember it.
Watching him was amazing, he ran from exhibit to exhibit with such enthusaism and awe.  It was wonderful.  LG of course acts like a tour guide and tells everyone around him, what he knows about certain fish - that's funny too!
 We also went out to lunch and both Babe and LG were acting very tired and didn't want to eat. Seriously an hour after leaving the aquarium they both had fevers.  Babe took a nap and when he woke up at 3:30 he was burning up - so off to Urgent Care I go with both Babe and LG.

3 hours later, I'm home with a very sick Babe whose has a fever of 103 and strep throat! and LG with a fever of 100 and an ear infection, but I also believe he has strep (they didn't do a test)!  They made it to school 14 days before getting sick.  That might be a record!
LG will likely return to school tomorrow, but Babe will not!  They are both feeling better today with the antibiotics in them and Mortin and are begging M.E. to play legos, so I need to go! Here's to the adventure!

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