Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scrapbooking Again

I actually made a scrapbook page yesterday!  Actually I made two and another one is almost finished.  The first time, I've made a page in a VERY long time.  It felt really good. 
I have spent about a month now, slowly cleaning out and sorting all my paper.  I have officially given away half of my paper stash. Yes, half.  There's a little girl at school (a big sister to one of LG's classmates) who loves to scrapbook.  She was thrilled to receive about 20 lbs of paper to play with. It was time to face the fact, that I do not need PINK paper.  Just not happening.
With my remaining, small mountain of beautiful pattern paper, I've made myself kits.  I got 2 gallon zip lock bags at wally world (they are 13x15) and hold a lot of supplies. I loaded them with coordinating paper, ribbons, alphas and embellishments.This way when I do have some pictures printed and a few extra minute, I can grab a bag of supplies and get to work.  So far, so good. Here's the first layout I did.

Enjoy! More to come!

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