Monday, September 24, 2012

This Weekend

I recall earlier this month, say two weeks, ago I was scrolling through the calendar on my phone going over things with the Man. Things on our agenda and to keep us busy.  I recall saying, OMG Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd are blank.
We both laughed and said let's try to keep that way!  knowing it was futile.

Friday - both Babe and I are home from school and I needed to seriously get some errands done.
First stop was the doctor's office, I have an ear infection. Second (after dropping off my script) the heat and air guy came by to officially pronounce are outdoor AC unit dead.  We knew this was coming, its 25 years old and this spring the AC guy who serviced it getting ready for another HOT Oklahoma summer, said he couldn't believe it was still working.  Well it is no more. Third, I drove across town to the boyscout office to get LG's cubscout uniform, Then to the Bass Pro to exchange one of the Man's birthday presents for a smaller size. Then a late lunch, then back to the pharmacy where I sat in the drive-thru for a full 15 minutes. It felt like an hour.  Then back to school to pick up the boys.  This is when I realized I was home a total of about 15 minutes all day and my house was a wreck.

But that withstanding, we decided to attend KidFEST at the local high school.  They have a bunch of free games for kids to play, like fish pond, cake walk, bouncy houses, etc.

Babe and the Comet mascot. He later gave him high-5.  Thanks Judy for the pic. 

The game. They were two touchdowns ahead near the end of the second quarter and Babe having had 4 suckers, was wild, so I decided to take he, LG and myself home.  It had been a long day.

The Man and Buddy went dove hunting and target shooting. I'm not sure who loves this more, Buddy or the Man. Either way its awesome. 
Buddy also had a birthday party to attend of one of his soccer teammates. 
It was at the indoor soccer place and he had a blast even though he was so tired. 
I enjoyed just being for 2 hours. 

Buddy is in blue and this is a very fuzzy picture, but that's him sitting with their soccer coach.  They sat together the entire time during pizza, cupcakes and presents. Buddy was on cloud-9 that his coach sat next to him. And I didn't want to embarrass him by taking a official photo. 

After the party, I took him to Zkid's for a sleepover. Then I rushed back home to get ready to go to Esther's for a Just Dance party.  We haven't played since February and I was so rusty, but it was fun. 


We decided to actually wash our dirty dishes and pick up alittle before football started. I practiced off and on all day my proclaim (I was the guest speaker for EDGE).  I was actually nervous, but it went great and I got home before 9 which was awesome. 

Busy days! Busy life! But its worth it!


  1. hey! what a lovely update about your weekend, its lovely seeing your posts often and reading about how your life is going because i can relate too and its pretty cool ;)

  2. Then a late-night lunch, then back to the drugstore where I sat in the drive-thru for a occupied 15 minutes. It sensed like an hour.