Monday, September 17, 2012


We had a three day weekend this weekend and the weather was mild and almost chilly at times. It was so refreshing from the massive heat of summer that continued until last week.
I decided to take the boys to the zoo on Friday.  It occurred to M.E. that Buddy hasn't been to the zoo expect maybe once in his life and he couldn't remember ever going, so I was determined to take him. The Man was wondering why I'd add one more thing to our already pack schedule, but we had all day and no plans so we made a great day of it.
We got up and it was 55 degrees and drizzling. YES! When we arrived at the zoo, we were the seventh car in the parking lot, another YES!
The boys had so much fun and stayed right with M.E. All the zoo keepers came out to talk to us because they were bored and all the animals were up and about, talking and roaring - it was awesome.
I've got lots of pictures.

 LG the monkey.
 Buddy the Monkey.

 It was really funny trying to get a group shot of us, but we did it.
 It was so cool to see all the animals out and about moving and playing.
 We saw this free range peahen several times. Babe kept trying to catch it.
 The petting zoo was really cool for Babe and LG. Buddy's like M.E. and not really into animals, so he just kinda hung out taking care of Babe.

 3 Little Monkeys!
At the end of our loop, we were still all smiles and happy.  We had a really good time and such a wonderful day. We loved the overcast skies and cool temperatures and it never really rained on us which was a bonus. 
Another adventure worth having! 

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