Monday, October 22, 2012

Lack of Photos not Adventures

Well, I managed to take a grand total of 11 photos in the last week.  Very likely one of the lowest photo counts ever and its wasn't that we were too busy, it just that I wasn't reaching for the camera very much. 
It was fall break this weekend, so we had no school on Thursday or Friday. I'm happy to say we didn't go anywhere. Thursday the van wasn't even started, which is always nice.
Buddy had a sleepover Wednesday and then went to a sleepover on Thursday. LG and I just hung out trying to practice his reading.  Babe was wild as ever!

 Lunch Duty: It was very color balanced with the browns and greens.
 Hotel Transylvania the Movie!  We went out to eat and to the movies Friday night as our big adventure for fall break and I'm happy to report Babe made it through the entire movie without a major fit. It was a pretty cute movie and one we will likely watch again later.
Last night, after I put Babe to sleep I got ready to go to bed and found these sneaky boys fast asleep in my bed. They were so cute I almost didn't want to move them, but I love my bed so much, I did. 

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