Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Recap

Seems like I can only get myself together enough to blog on Monday's - not a good habit. But regardless here's whats been happening.

Wednesday night (Thursday AM), Babe makes his way to our bed where he proceeds to vomit on M.E., the Man, our bed, and bedding making a huge mess.  He and I had to take a shower at 12:30 AM.  Not a fun evening, although he seemed happy as can be.
He never vomited again, but got diarrhea that evening.

In the meantime, LG had his first ever flag football game.

 It was near dark, so I couldn't get very good pictures. But LG carried the ball once for about 5 yards.  We wound up tying them with two touchdowns each.

Friday Babe had many, many diaper changes and I did laundry. After school and chores, we took all the boys over to Judy's for a sleepover.  LG was beside himself about his very first sleep over. I was really nervous about Babe and his stomach -  he hadn't eaten in two day, but I knew Judy could handle it.
The Man and I had date night. Jack White in concert. And it was the best concert of all time. He played two full sets and had a blast.  We got home very late but I was up and at 'em by 7 AM on Saturday.
I picked up all the boys at 8. Babe had slept all night and not had one bad diaper.  Amazing.
LG had so much fun and was excited for his second football game.  Sorry no pics. We won 12-6. 

Immediately after the game, LG and I headed home to pack the truck for the annual Mom and Me campout.  I was really excited about this, because I always love the Mom & Me and this year was LGs turn. We got on the road at 11AM and it was raining. Storms forecasted for the entire day - yikes.
Despite the rain we managed to do a few quick activities between storms.

 He love shooting bow and arrows. He didn't manage to hit the target but got pretty close. 
By the time we got to the zip line, it was already starting to rain again, so my pics didn't turn out very good.  This was pretty cool for him and he loved it. 
We made our way back to camp right after this. I had brought plenty of activities to keep us busy, UNO, Sleeping Queens, travel TROUBLE, and LEGOS.  We sat in the tent along with some other moms and sons and played, talked and visited.  A couple pretty big storms rolled through and by 5 PM, my rented tent was leaking and half our troops moms had left. I was determined to stay and so set up my tent that I brought along as a precaution and set it up inside the rented tent and got us all settle for a long night of rain.
We made our way to supper. Where is stormed again, big time, but hopefully for the last night. Well, come to find out we were under a tornado watch, so they started evactuating the camp, which was the worse decision ever. Really? Put all these Moms and Sons on the road when there was suitable storm shelters on site. Really? I wasn't happy, because it was dark, storming and they wanted us to leave, but told us we could stay if we needed to, but we had to sleep in the mess hall. 
Tired, upset and ready for the adventure to be over, I decided to finally give up and pack up to go home. There was only 5 Moms of about 150 left. When I made this decision the Man said doppler was good, nothing but rain heading our way and currently is wasn't raining, so LG and I packed up and got on the road at 8:15 PM.  Five minutes later the heavens opened up with torrential rain, lightning that was too close, high winds and then hail.  I had to stop in the middle of the road, as I couldn't see a thing. Called the Man in tears, he said he just refreshed doppler and there was a storm that just popped up out of nowhere and I was right in the middle of it and it was bad. I creeped along at 5 mph until I finally made my way off the ranch at which time the rain slacked and I caught up to two more moms trying to get home.  The three of us drove the next 10 miles going about 30 mph often just stopping in the middle of the road as we couldn't see a thing.  I was very scared. 
By 8:45 the wind and rain but died down and I managed to get home at 9:40 PM and got to sleep in my own bed. WOW!  What a Mom & Me experience. 
Yesterday, I had youth group and fell in bed exhausted at 10. I'm really looking forward to fall break this weekend. 


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