Friday, November 2, 2012

All Hallows Eve

Its really hard for M.E. to believe that this was our 5th, yes FIFTH, Halloween in the city.  With that said, I am glad we have our traditions. 
We had an early supper, then headed outside for our pumpkin carving.  I like to wait until the night of Halloween to carve our pumpkins for two reasons - 1) it occupies us all while waiting for the treaters to show up,  2) it doesn't give the squirrels a chance to eat them before Halloween.  Crazy fact - city squirrels eat carved pumpkins indeed!

 Very thankful for the mild weather so we could spend the entire evening outside without jackets. The Man cut the tops on all the pumpkins so we could begin our carvings.
 The big boys are at the age where pumpkin carving is a blast.  They can clean their own pumpkins out and do all the carving. Babe was just running around screaming PUMPKINS!!!

Here's our basket of candy that we started the evening with. About 12 pounds plus.  We would add our neighbors 3 bags, then add the boys candy they got from Trunk or Treat, and then finally we added a gallon bag of last years candy that was in the pantry.  And gave it all away.

 Yep, by the time, I was finishing up my pumpkin carving it was full on dark and treaters were arriving.  *I promise I've not secretly put on 30 pounds but that shirt sure makes M.E. look like it.  Its the only orange I own.  Around here, if you wear orange - its assumed you are an OSU fan, of which I am not. but that's another story for another blog.
 LG carved a fantastic bat on his pumpkin and did an excellent job.  I only helped alittle.  
Our finished pumpkins.  
Sorry the pics fuzzy, we had a bunch of treaters coming up the driveway and I was hurrying.  Left to right, Buddy's happy pumpkin, the Man's 'scream' pumpkin, LG's bat pumpkin, and my scarey pumpkin. I got alittle carried away with the eyebrows, I'll need to note that for next year.

Like I mentioned we went through many pounds of candy with a grand total of 229 Treaters - an all-time record. 
Babe had an absolute blast giving out candy. If he yelled, "here they come" once he yelled it 1,000 times as kids were running down the street and up the driveway.  We had so much fun. Buddy managed to hide and jump out and scare a bunch of kids which he thought was awesome. 

We hope you had a great night, too!

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