Saturday, November 3, 2012


As many of you know, Buddy loves sports and I think he has settled on soccer being his sport. He tried out for a competitive team of 5th graders (he's only in 4th) and he made the team. But with that said in practices, he hasn't always given 100% because he is smaller and younger than the others and took almost the entire summer off, so he wasn't in shape, which then had him thinking why bother hustling.  He saw little to no playing time in games as a result, and again, thought I'm not sure this is fun.  He never once said he wanted to quit and is always ready for practices and generally still loves everything about it, but the fire was going out on his soccer dreams - this is all from my perspective, the Man's opinion may be completely different.

But nonetheless, last weekend, Buddy was in his first major soccer tournament.  4 games in 36 hours.  Due to our first cold snap of the season and LG & Babe with running noses and coughs, I only managed to get to one game.  But it was the game to be at. Thanks to Judy for watching LG and Babe.

Due to some players being hurt, Buddy got a lot of playing time in the tournament. I'm sorry that his friends were hurt, but I'm grateful that he got to participate more fully in something he loves. He played the best game in long time, according to the Man who watches every game.   He hustle, was ready, was aggressive, and generally did really good hanging with the older kids.

Here's Buddy going for the ball. Like I said he did fabulous and managed to score our team's first GOAL of the game. His first goal of the season. WOOOHOOO!  It was huge for him. It was huge for the team and we were so proud.  Not only did it give him the boost he needed, but it was good for his team mates and coach to see just how much he wants to play.

The rest of my pics turned out like this, kinda cool, but you can't see anything. But it didn't matter, Buddy played nearly the entire game and then the entire game the next morning and did fabulous.

Go, Buddy, Go!

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