Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birthday Bonaza

On Saturday we celebrated LG's 7th birthday again here in town. 

First stop was Chuck E Cheese!

Let M.E. just I have no desire to ever go to this place with the Babe who is 2 going on 10 and likes to run and be completely independent.   I really don't like going to this place on a Saturday when there is literally 200 + people in the place. But with that said, LG really wanted to have a playdate there with his friend L, who also happens to have a sister in Babe's class. 

I asked our friend D to come along with us, which was a blessing.  She totally took complete care of Babe and his little friend A.  They were having so much fun, but at the same time, getting way to stimulated.  After about 2 hours, they both were in full melt down mode. But that's another story.

This guy had a blast with L. (that's her staying watching)
 The Man got some really cute pictures of these two, but didn't realize he was in video mode instead of picture mode.  So I can't post them at this time. Oh well. 

Second stop was the Bowling Alley. After the Chuck E Cheese, taking D home and Babe having a meltdown, it was time for LG and I to head to the bowling alley for his class birthday party.  He and 3 other little boys have their birthdays within a month of each other, so we do a joint party.

 This is the only pic that you can actually see anything in and its not very good.  But that's him watching his ball roll toward the pins. He had a blast and he liked bringing home a few gifts. 

 Here they are after the fact with all the lego loot.  How they love LEGOS! 

I think we are done with the birthday celebration for this year, I can hardly believe he's 7.  
How is that possible?

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