Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Keeping a Toddler Busy

 I seriously need to do an ALL ABOUT PINTEREST series post, because its such a part of my routine and my life right now.  

Pinterest is a website that you create an account. Once you have this account you get to create yourself "VIRTUAL" bulletin boards.  So if you see something cool on the internet you can save the photo and link to your virtual bulletin board, instead of booking mark the entire webpage.  Its a genesis thing and I'm on there all the time looking wonderful and smart ideas other people have.  I also can see my friends bulletin boards and get great ideas from them.

I have bulletin boards for quotes and funny things I read, a board for things to sew, things to make, things to craft, things to help make housework easier, etc.   So last week when I really needed to work from home, because a certain little Babe was having major diaper explosion and couldn't go to school, I went to my trusty pinterest and got this idea for keeping him busy. 

Putting pipe cleaners through the holes of a colander.

 He was really excited at first.

 These creation was call a "wainmo" aka rainbow.

And he loved it for the 2 minutes, I was sitting there with him, but the moment I walked away - he was done.  UGH.  It was a really cool idea and I think maybe when he's older he'll have more patience with it.   But it wasn't a totally loss, because he LOVED the pipe cleaners and actually did spend about 15 to 20 minutes just bending them and having himself a big time sitting at my feet. He would put them in the bowl of the colander and stir them, toss them and made a mess. But it was an easy mess to clean up. 
Thanks Pinterest.

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