Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am TWO afterall!

Left to his own devices, curiosity, climbing skills as well as fine motor skills, the Babe made a mess of himself.
 He got into my scrapbooking supplies and got some stackable inks pads out.
 He thinks because I'm taking pictures, he's pretty. "Cheeseburger"
 Then I tell him, he's a mess and in trouble.  He then tries to explain and talk his way out of it. "I paint, I pretty"
He's trying to be sweet  "I love you, Mommy"
Ah, well it did wash right off. 

And I didn't even bother to look at the damage done to my inks. I'll just have to be upset about that later when I go to use them again.

And for the record, you are pretty and I love you too!


  1. this is something very special to me. wow..i am impressed with the hair colors. really sensational and stunning. i like the idea behind this story. thanks for sharing on your blog.

  2. He is very smart kid. Kids of this age try to do and touch everything because of the curiosity. At the end you get with the mess they create just like he did. But it also looks good.