Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Class Project

 For Thanksgiving and Native American week, LGs teacher sent out an email that if anyone wanted to make an example of native American housing, please do.  
LG was really into this and wanted to make an Inuit Igloo.   
Awesome and I had every single supply needed in my enormous stash of craftness.

 After researching, I decided to forego, marshmellows or sugarcubes and go for paper mache.
Here they are in the early stages of construction of igloo.
**Note: Buddy

Buddy could hardly stand not getting in on the auction and getting his hands dirty.  So after about 5 minutes and previous picture, he jumped in to help.

I forgot to take picture of the painting and popping of the balloon, but it was fun and LG did it all. 

Here's his igloo on display in the school library.

We are so proud of LG for all his hard work.

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