Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree

It last for approximately 10 days.
 We (I) decided to got with the fake tree this year. Its not awesome. But it has lights and my favorite, favorite. ORNAMENTS.  I love ornaments. And every single one on this tree was a gift. I didn't purchase a single one.  I even have a master list of who gifted what to whom.  (okay thats another story.) 
Here's my rational for going fake, this year.
1 - we already had it in the garage. convenient. 
2 - With LGs surgery getting to the tree farm wouldn't happen anytime soon 
3 - we won't be home for Christmas. 
4 - Enter the mighty 2 year old Babe.


 Yep, the whole thing fell into the play room.  Completely busted the base, the top came flying off, ornaments everywhere, and a section of lights no longer works.  Thank goodness Mamaw was here to help M.E. get it up and I had to get the "real tree" base from the garage and rigged it to work with this tree.  So the tree is back up and Babe has not went within a foot of it since.  

Babe was not hurt in the falling of the tree, however, there were some casualities.  I've tried not to cry, but dang it. I love my ornaments. And four of them broke.  I found most of the pieces and have tried krazy glue.  Didn't work. So I'll be bustin out the hot glue this week to see if I can save them.  I may have to just put them back up with missing pieces and chalk it up to the year. 

Babe rode the tree to the ground. 

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