Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Vacation Highlights

 The Cousins... Let M.E. just say it took some time to get a group shot without them wiggling and its still not the greatest photo, but its got them all.
 Presents and more Presents... Babe can hardly see about his stack.

 Cooking with Nana... Nearly every meal found Babe at the counter cooking with Nana.  He had such a great time and no wonder Santa brought him a kitchen.
 iPod... Santa brought Buddy a new iPod two months early. He was so surprised and LOVES it.  Here he is dancing to the music.

 the Horses... Babe simply could not get enough of the horses, from cleaning stalls to feeding them apples to help Poppa bring them out of the pasture.  He loved every minute of it.
 Playing Games... from playing Sorry to Buddy's new iPod and building legos the boys kept busy playing games.
 Seahawk Country... It was awesome for the boys to get new Seahawk gear and to watch the game in Washington.
 The Valley... I think it makes the Man homesick to see views like this.  But I can't blame him, because its pretty rad.
 Gramma... As always it was super wonderful to visit with Gramma and spend Christmas with her.
 The Great Outdoors... Buddy and the Man got to both hunt and fish on this trip with cousin Matt and Uncle Josh. Buddy really had a wonderful time.

New Year's Fun... we camped out in Josh's living room and played games with the kiddos.  I bought balloons that they got to pop every hour on the hour until midnight.  Too Fun!

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