Monday, January 7, 2013


Another Pinterest related post... this time on organization.
I'm not saying that I'm resolving to be more organized. Frankly I stink at resolutions, but I saw this on Pinterest awhile back and I knew I could do this. 

Christmas Ornament Storage
First of all, I love my ornaments and I'll do just about anything to ensure they are cared for. So I loved this idea. And it was time to take the tree down, so it was now or never.

 1 - I hot-glued dollar general plastic cups to a piece of cardboard that I cut to fit snug inside a new rubbermaid tub.
2 - in the process of creating an identical second layer, I realized I didn't have a large enough piece of cardboard, so I made two small half sizes.  This worked out to my advantage.

3 - I grabbed a large piece of bubble wrap we had in the garage. It was about 25 feet long and I used nearly all of it.  I cut it down into smaller pieces and individual wrapped ornaments not make of metal or cloth.
4 - I placed them inside the cups. 

5 - I also used some of the orginal boxes for some, like my hallmark ones.  And for those that were too large for a solo cup, I used a couple of left over boxes from my original ornament storage. Only having a half layer on top allowed M.E. room to add those right to the tub as well. 

6 - Done. All my ornaments, everyone, tucked nice and snug into a cup and I have about a dozen empty cups to use in the coming years.  Awesome.  

Thanks Pinterest.

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