Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Babe!

The Babe turned three, yes 3, on Tuesday. I can hardly believe it. I mean, seriously, 3! 
Although we haven't officially had him a party (with cake and candles), we did have a playdate with two of his friends at the aquarium on his birthday.  It was really simple, low-key and most of all, fun! 

 Buddy had the camera most of the afternoon, so I have lots of animal pictures. I had to remind him to take pictures of Babe too! But these jellyfish are cool. 

 This little beauty goes all four days as Babe, and they are best buds.  Most of all his school stories are about her. 

 This is the resident Beaver. I don't think I've ever seen it out and swimming.  The kids love that. The Raccoon was awake as well, which is rare.  

 Babe and his best friend and girlfriend.  They are so cute together and had a really good time running through the aquarium. 


Happy Birthday, Babe!  We love you so much! 

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