Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preschool Field Trip

Babe and I got to go to the zoo with his entire preschool on Monday. It was pretty fun day watching him run and play with his friend.   I totally remembered to bring the big camera, but forgot to grab the memory card from the computer.  I wasn't very happy about that. 
But I did managed a few good pics with the ole iPhone 3. 
He was totally into wearing his baseball hat all day. I loved it. 

 He and his BF got to ride a camel.  They were laughing and smiling, I could not believe how brave they were. So cute and adorable. 

So the zoo has these peacocks that are free and wander all over the zoo grounds. I think I've talked about them before and also how much I LOVE them. They are my favorite and today I got to witness a mating ritual.  
So, someone says, hey the peacock has his feathers up. So I quickly make my way over there.  This guy is strutting and strutting and calling. Finally a female peahen shows up and the dance starts. I totally wish I had my video camera.  He would strut up to the peahen, back up into her face and start shaking his feather making this crazy noise and dance around her in a circle.  Then another peacock comes over and tries to chase this guy away.  It was awesome.   My camera doesn't show the awesome colors 

In the meantime, the tour goes on. 

 Favorite part for Babe (besides the train ride) was the petting zoo.  He LOVED the goats.  I can totally seeing him growing up to be a farmer. 

What a great day for him! 

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