Sunday, April 21, 2013

Land Run of 1889

First just let M.E. say, I'm not an Okie! So I really didn't have much knowledge of what a "Sooner", "Claim-Jumper"or Land Run really meant until Friday! 

Buddy's class has been studying OK state history for the last week or so and hosted a reenactment of the 1889 Land Run.  It was really cool! 

There are not words to describe how handsome he was today in his overalls with his lunch pale and horse. 

Of course, Babe and I got in on the action too.  I made my apron last night.  It turned out pretty good.  Although I forgot pockets.  I wish the school wasn't in the background.  I could have turned this black/white and looked for real. 

 Too sweet in their overalls. 

 Buddy and his BF.  They had a lot of fun goofing off after the run. 

M.E. at my homestead.  
For those who are like M.E. and don't know OK history, I was acting as a "Sooner" and set up a homestead without a land title/deed prior to the land run.  So this little family of girls, the Dales, who had purchased land titles for $14, were given the plot of land that I was already living on.  So they had to run M.E. off, including getting the sheriff involved and everything.   

Babe and I then, became "Claim Jumpers" and moved our homestead to another plot, without land title and hoped to call it home.   It was pretty fun.   
I wish I'd try to make a bonnet, but it looked hard, so I when with a flour sack scarf.  

What a great day! 

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  1. love it...Buddy was so handsome....looks like so much fun