Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Story & Update...

Thursday afternoon, in preparation for a baseball game, I decided to take a supper of hotdogs and snacks along with us to the ball park.

Just as I was finishing the hotdogs and packing them away in my bag, Babe comes into the kitchen and being the curious little man that he is, reach up and grabbed the pot on the stove.

In slow motion I turn to see him grab the handle and tilt it to see whats in it.  I scream. He jumps and scalding hot water pours and splashes all over the place including his right arm.

Screaming, I scoop him up and take him to the bathtub where I submerge it under cold tap water and then screaming I get a wet dish towel wrap his arm and jump in the van.  Buddy and LG are on my heels and we called the Man to meet us at the hospital.

They immediately see take him back and start an IV of morphine.  
They take the dish towel from his arm and gently wrap it in clean linen before transferring us to the burn center at another hospital. 

At the burn center, they apply a silver lined foam pad directly to the burn and once again wrap it up.  

 At home Thursday night, he rests with morphine still in his system. Trying to make sense of what has happened. The other little brace was for his IV, so he wouldn't pull it out.

Yesterday morning, he got to see the official burn doctor and he diagnosed it as
Deep 2nd degree burn on 40% of his right arm from his knuckles back to his elbow with minor burns on the underside.  He has some blistering on his hand like a severe sunburn.   

We go back to the burn doctor on Monday.  He thinks it will heal on his own with out any surgery or graphs with little to no scarring.  However it will take about a month. 

For the most part, he's fine. Last night about 7:30 he asked for medicine for the first time since the morphine and I gave him so pain meds.  He's sleeping fine.  Alittle more cuddly than normal, but overall same little wild self.  

Thank you to everyone who said a prayer, sent well wishes, stopped by and been there for us. 
We appreciate all of you and love you so much. 


  1. Hurst my heart...hate when accidents like this happen...and Lord knows they glad it is not worse...which it could be...thank God for pain you all

  2. Bless his heart!!! Sending thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery!!

  3. Oh my....prayers for continued healing! Bless you guys!