Sunday, May 12, 2013

The New Do!

Let M.E. just say, its never a dull moment around here.

On Thursday night, our evening was quite and normal until LG got out of the shower.

Buddy comes to M.E. and says, "Mom this is serious"

I didn't know what to think but needless-to-say, LG got a disposable razor that was on the shower rack and decided to use it.

This resulted in an anti-mohawk down the center of his head.  Amazingly he didn't cut himself, but he did manage to remove all the hair - to the scalp. Oh my!

Pantic, sorrow, embarrassment all these things happened simultaneously.  He had no idea what he had done, because he couldn't see it.  So the Man took a picture and showed it to him.

He said, "oh my, that's my head".

We let him go to bed, trying to figure out our plan.

We let him skip school on Friday.  The comb over wouldn't cover it.

We decided to shave his head.

Yep! The gorgeous locks are gone.

 The Man sets up shop in the driveway. And I have to say the Man was somewhat excited to show off his clipper skills. 
 BEFORE: The anti-mohawk. 
 Buddy is nervous for him.  And frankly so was I. 
You know, Buddy prides himself on his cool hair and he was upset for LG. 
 LG was well, LG and just rolled with it. 
His prospective on life and everything is his own and quite unique, we could all benefit from being more like him. 
 It took awhile and LG was having a hard time sitting still. The Man was being a perfectionist and taking way too much hair off for M.E., but I understand his point in trying to blend it. 
AFTER: Little Flat Top Boy! 

But in the end, we now have a cute little flat top LG, who couldn't be prouder of his NEW DO! 

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