Friday, May 10, 2013


On Sunday before and after the big championship baseball game, I had some celebrations to attend.  

 The gifts.  Okay, I just had to take pictures of my wrapping.  I don't spend hours on pinterest for nothing.   The little on is obviously a stack of books for Amanda and the bigger on a print for baby N. 

Amanda was our youth director for about 6 months last year while working on her phD.  
We hit it off immediately and have become super close.  She graduated this week and is now a Doctor. WooHoo!  I am so happy for her. And she has a job lined up in southern Mississippi. Kinda of sad that we won't be able to meet once a week at Whole Foods for lunch, but super happy that she'll be teaching and doing what she's worked so hard to do.  And no she is not wearing an OSU cheerleading outfit --its an apron. Anyhow, love her and glad to help her celebrate. 

Meanwhile Buddy just started his game, so I only stay about 15 minutes, then was off. 

After the game and supper, I head up to church with LG to celebrate Baby N's baptism.

Love these guys. We have been friends since like our 3rd month living in Oklahoma.  They are both super involved with the youth program and have helped us with our boys and the Babe being born and we have tried to help them as well.  
Adam is being super silly in this picture because he is like 18" taller than Carrie. 

 Baby N and her Godmother Esther. Love this two. 

 Baby N's big sister A has been LG's sidekick since the Fish Class. They are still great friends. 
 LG took the camera and got several pictures, mostly of the ceiling and floor, but he did manage this one of M.E.  and the one below of the middle sister J.  

When Baby N was born, I teased Adam and Carrie that we could do a bundle deal on the dalry if we wanted to arrange the marriages of our three boys and their three girls - as they are all the same distance in age apart.  No deal yet! 
What a great day!  

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