Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The Man really wanted to fill our days full of adventures while in Washington this summer.  Over Christmas break last year the kids and I spent a lot of time indoors and so we wanted to do the opposite this trip and we certainly did that.  We had something scheduled nearly everyday, while it was busy, it was a blast.

We spent two nights camping at a local park and it was just perfect.   In the sun it was 80 with a cool breeze, but in the trees it was 65 and nice.   Fabulous-- I loved it so much.

The old school canvas tent, was our home for the two nights. Thanks Poppa for getting it all set up.  

The view of the point from the beach.   I just can't describe how awesome it was to be here.  

The park beach.   

 The view of the beach from the campground.  Like I said-  there was a nearly a 20 degree temperature change on that shadow line. 

One day we took the kiddos on a little hike up the top of the park. Its hard to describe but the park is basically a big rock/island sticking out into the water.  Big, as in, many acres of rock.  On one side its a huge cliff down to the water and on the other the beach.  So we hiked up to the high side on day. And of course Babe got a ride from who ever would give him a lift. 

At the top, Buddy and I sat way back from the edge. We get too nervous up there. You really can't tell, but its hundreds of feet down to the water from here. 

LG on the beach. Lovin it.  

 We didn't have a lot of toys or anything with us, so we pretty much let the kids just hang out, play hide-n-seek, kick-the-can and well, play on the phones.  This shot by the Man clearly shows our obsession with the iPhones as LG, Babe and Me all have one and everyone else is watching one too.  Oh My. 
Yep thats the RV in the next site, Poppa and Nana were with us the whole time as well as our nephew D and niece Z. 

The water was cold. Maybe 55 degrees and so the kids really didn't spend much time actually in the water, but the Man promised D and Buddy donuts the next morning if they'd swim out to this rock.   As you can see they did.  LG was thinking about it but turned back a few seconds later. 

And yes, I drove into town with D the next morning for donuts. They were yummy! 
What a fabulous couple of days camping and hanging out.  
Thanks to the Man for the plan and to Nana for all the cooking. 

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