Monday, July 15, 2013

North Cascades Family Hike

Thanks for your patience, I know everyone is really wanting to see the WA pictures, but I had a big youth planning retreat on Sunday and it took a lot of my time last week getting ready for it. 

So here's the first WA post. The family hike in the mountains. We so love getting to be outside, hike, breathe fresh air, and take in the sights and sounds -- even if we are city folks and severely out-of-shape. uh-hum.  Yes, it was hard on ol M.E. 

 The plan was to drive up near the back side of Mt. Baker Lake or something like that. I'm not sure exactly were we were, but it was beautiful.  We were gonna drive up to a trail head and walk in about a quarter mile to Blue Lake and have lunch. 

Unfortunately, about 2 or more miles from the trailhead we ran into snow covered roads.  Yep, SNOW.  So refreshing, but it meant a really long hike to the trail head.  UP HILL!

 Due to said snow, there was lots of big and little waterfalls along the road. 

It was truly a beautiful day and the views,  as always were amazing.   

Taking a break, we got the whole family (including the Man's brother + family) in the shot.  Love it.  

Later we would get a great view of Mt. Baker 

 Although the hike was tough and there was lots of complaining on LG's part as well as Buddy and Babe having to be carried a lot, they all loved being out there. 

 At the top of a big incline, I had to break.  So we stopped for lunch on the side of the road.  And frankly I was beat down.  We had probably hiked 2 miles and wasn't to the trailhead yet, so we opted to head back down the mountain without ever seeing Blue Lake.  Maybe next year. 

Can you imagine seeing this everyday or even every year? 

 Babe loved walking and playing in the snow, but it meant wet shoes and feet. 

I may be smiling but I was exhausted. Babe is heavy.  And it was clear to M.E. and the Man that we need way more exercise in our lives.  But its hard to be outside when its 105. just sayin. 

The Man is convince this is a giant cat paw print.  After seeing this, he was sure to keep the little ones in sight at all times.  

What a fun day and great hike.  Can't wait until next year! 

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