Wednesday, July 24, 2013

one more story

On our last night in Washington, Nana finally managed to get Babe on the horse for a ride.  It was long awaited and worth it.

I have to admit Babe was a little reluctant earlier in the week but that he was ready.  

 He made every step Nana made. 

 There they go. 

 I don't know who had more fun -- Nana or Babe?

 Well, okay, maybe Babe. 

The Man gave it a go and was a little nervous he said.  He didn't really go very far. 

LG decided he wanted a go.  

But once he got up there he suddenly froze.  

He didn't go down the driveway and asked to get off, more scared than he's ever been, but he is older. As for Buddy, he wouldn't even get close.  

Happy Riding Nana!  We miss you! 

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