Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life Week 14 & 15

While in real time I'm working on Week 29, here's a look back to weeks 14 and 15.  I still can't believe I haven't posted these before now. 

 Week 14: March 31 - April 6

This week included Easter, a drive out in the country and my family's spring break arrival.  

Backpack fodder and a little calendar downloaded free from Write.Click.Scrapbook. 

Studio Calico kit supplies: two 4x6 cards (title cutout), one 3x4 cards, red transparent banner
Ratio of photos taken by M.E. to photos taken by the fam :  M.E. 8, Babe 2 (Mamaw & M.E. working on Project Life)
Ratio of photos taken by iPhone to big camera: 0 to 10.

Week 15: April 7 - 13.  This week started with a big youth group retreat and ended with an 80s prom.  

I really like adding things other than photos and cards.  I like being able to add mail and other tie-bits of life without worrying about it affecting my photos because they are in their own pockets. Love that. 
It seems every Spring the Man gets on the new house search, so I cut out the clippings from a house we looked at.  It was huge and in a fabulous school district, but the floor plan was horrible for our family.  And the back yard was solid mud from their pets.  But I get side-tracked....

We actually had a pretty busy week, a soccer tournament, the 80s prom, decade day at school and a zoo field trip.  Love that its all here. Done and Done. 

Studio Calico kit supplies: one 4x6 card (title card), one 3x4 card (morning cutout)
Ratio of photos taken by M.E. to photos taken by the fam :  M.E. 8.  (Morning shot with the self-timer), Buddy 1 (Bender & Andie), School Friends 2 (Babe and I at zoo and the group prom shot) 
Ratio of photos taken by iPhone to big camera: 1 to 7.

Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. And its fabulous. 

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