Sunday, July 28, 2013

What we Did with No Electricity.

As you know we had a major storm roll through last Tuesday night leaving us without electricity for 56 hours.
I had to put lots of things on ice to keep from losing them.  Everything I went to local gas station there was only a few bags left.  Once I went and the guy said he has sold 176 bags in one day.   That's a lot of ice.  

Legos. Lots of Lego ships, forts, buildings, spies, you name it.  

Thanks to Judy we got to go swimming with them and the Kliens. 
So much fun for Babe with his best friend.  

We paused to watch the sunset.  

We played outside most of the time. Thankfully the weather was too hot - only in the low 90s. Just hot enough for some fun int he sprinkler. 

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