Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another Pinterest Project

Months ago, I saw some really cute little produce bags made from old t-shirts on pinterest.  

Of course, I pinned the picture and back in the spring I made a couple.  I gave one to Nana while in Washington this summer and she loved it. 

Last week, in a crafting mood, I cranked out a couple more. 
 I realized the deeper the better, so they don't really need to be very wide.  They weigh very little and its an extremely green alternative to the plastic produce bags. 
 The blue one is from one of Buddy's old football t-shirts, I cut out the number for a different project and this is just the front, the printing is on the inside. 
 I sewed a little scrap piece in the side hem, not in the original one that I saw, but I thought is would be awesome to tie them up when not in use. 
So here you go... all folded up and tied once (no knot needed) and they can easy fit in your purse, bag or car for the next stop at the produce stand.  

These little gems are headed to Nana's house. Enjoy! 

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  1. Got them. Love them. Will use them today!!!!