Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School Gifts

Several years ago, like maybe 4, I started doing Back-To-School Gifts for the boys teachers. Not really for 'brownie' points, but just because it's something I have really enjoyed doing it and its so practical.  As anyone knows, things happen at work and it'd be nice to have things be make life easier. 

This year, I went for the ever practical pencil box that can be reused for just about anything. 
The little card, I cut down from a Project Life kit, punched an apple using my Martha Steward apple punch and heat embossed the "Just in Case" as well as the outline of the apple.  

The goodies inside: kleenex, dental floss, blank note cards, vitamin C, breathe mints, advil, germ-x, chapstick, tide to-go pen, and a little lent roller.  Yep, lots of little things to help make their days in the class room go smoother, helping with headaches, lunch stains, etc. 

One for each teacher and that's just a good way to start the year! 

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