Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Thoughts #11

Random Thoughts Volume Eleven with or without pictures. 

1 - I just received two separate emails that were about Christmas projects/sales or promotion within an hour of one another. Seriously?  Its not officially even September yet. I like to have myself a good ole fall with lots of colorful leaves, birthdays and turkey before I go all Christmas.  Just sayin'.

2 - Last weekend was the Creating Keepsakes Convention.  WooHoo! I was fortunate enough to take six, yes 6, classes and volunteer as a teaching assistant for another.  And let M.E. just say, I had a blast. Being a teachers assistant was so awesome. I really think my dream job would be to teach scrapbooking classes. yep. Its fabulous. 

3 - At the convention I not only got some cool products and pages done, but more than that I came home inspired and motivated to do more actually scrapbooking.  These days I manage my Project Life Album, which I love, but its nice to dedicate time and a whole page to just one story, one moment and in most cases one boy.   I made three pages just this week and hope to keep the momentum throughout the weekend. 

 This page was with pictures from summer before last, but still a great story that needed to be told. I even used a Project Life card from my Studio Calico kit. 

 This page was on of the pages made during a washi tape class at the convention. Not crazy about it, not my style, but I'm not going to throw it out. So, I came home and found this photos that I thought were perfect for it. That's LG at age 3.  Wow how time flies. 

Another LG page, this time about his portrayal of Indiana Jones and make-shift outfit.  With his imagination, it doesn't take much in the way of props for the stories to come to life. And when you are out of the letter 'e', use a three! that rhymes. 

I'm realizing now that I should have taken the time to take the pages out of the protectors and laid them on a flat surface before snapping photos because they are glaring and crooked. Oh well, next time. 

4 - Speaking of weekend and scrapbooking, I'm excited that I have some friends coming over to watch Twilight movies with M.E.  Team Edward in case you were wondering. 

5 - I also have about 50 projects that I need to devote some time to, but haven't.  Things like buying and hanging a new window shade in the boys bedroom.  They have had two beach towel hanging there for almost a month maybe longer. I'm embarrassed, but not enough to not post about it. 

you'd think I'd at least hang them right side up, but no, I just threw them up there. Sorry McQueen. 

6 - Babe had his first dentist appointment this week, which resulted in a second visit today because there was a little sticky spot that would soon be a cavity if left alone. I'm afraid he'll have teeth like mind which are horrible. But regardless, we have gotten a new and improved dentist that I think is amazing. Babe loved him; mostly because he sings while is works and does magic tricks at the end. Like I said the best. dentist. ever. 

7 - School is in full swing and while Buddy is super excited and cool to be in the 5th grade. *gasp* I can't believe it. He's doing fabulously. On the other hand, LG is struggling a bit with independent work.  He knows all the materials, the answers and can make amazing conclusion with little effort, but he hates and I mean HATES to write. So when left alone to work independently he choses to sit at his desk and daydream.  He doesn't see the point in math work sheets or worksheets of any kind because he already know his math facts, the teacher knows he knows his math facts, so why does he need to repeatedly write them down? Good point LG!  We've been around and around and he's still not satisfied with any answer we have provide.  Do you have a thought? do share. 

8 - Babe is a fish now and you would think he was now president of the school. He is the class ham and EVERYONE knows him.  He's such a wonderful mix of Buddy and LG that just makes him too awesome.  Who while I write is taking a longer than usual nap. 

Current photo as of like 3 minutes ago. 

9 - I figured out how to do facetime on the computer.  It will be life changing! The boys have already facetimed with Aunt Cream, Uncle and Sman twice and love it.  LG wants to do it every day, even though when we get on there, he just wants to show Sman his latest self-built lego ships and does little talking.  Regardless, its awesome seeing them. And last night they took it to a new level and were all wearing funny hats, when we connected. HA! Babe thought that was the greatest thing ever.  I'm sure LG is planning something similar for next time we chat. 

This is the boys waiting for Sman to answer our call. 
Sorry about the angle of the photo and the screen saver. I'm so used to looking at those seahawks players in the back ground I don't think much of it. But anyhow, here's my beautiful boys in front of the computer seeing themselves on the screen.  This is what they look like on Sman's phone and when Sman answers his phone we see them this size.  Its fabulous to see them and talk at the same time. Technology is truly amazing.  
Grandpa and Nana, you need an iPhone so we can facetime you too! 

10 - Okay, enough rambling.  Hopefully I can post more antics of these three soon! 

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  1. Tell LG he needs to write it down so he maybe can help someone else who doesn't know....AND...if he writes it down he won't