Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Scrappin'

I have been fortunate enough and ambitious enough to get more scrappin' done and I'm really happy with the pages.

All I need now is to learn how to take good pictures of the finished pages, so they appear straight and flat.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I must be in too much of a hurry! go figure.

I have had this picture of Buddy for years now tucked away in my enlargement folder (its 5x7). As in year, I mean this is a picture from the week he turned 7, way back in February 2010, and I finally scrapped it. I am NOT a chronological scrapbooker. If you open my albums there could be a layout with a picture from yesterday, beside a layout done 10 years ago.  I like that randomness.  It makes looking at the album more fun.  I also don't really scrap events.  No need for 10 birthday layouts.  That gets boring to M.E., obviously you had a birthday and so on but I like layouts like this of the EVERYDAY. 

I love this photo because of his silliness.  He's rarely willing to put himself out there to be laughed at unless he knows he'll be really funny.   I'm so glad I captured this.   

I like this layout because once I got his picture matted and down, I just started adding random stuff.  The hears all come from a Studio Calico PL card.  I like that I cut it up and used it. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time even though its really not that great of picture it captured a moment I wanted to keep in my heart.  And as it was already dark outside last night when I was trying to take a photo of it, the color was all wrong.  But nonetheless, you can still see it. I'm actually going to submit this one online at Studio Calico because all the products our theirs except the cardstock.   

Happy Scrappin'

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