Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Soccer Tournament

Buddy's soccer team competed in the Clorox Cup Soccer Tournament in Arkansas over the weekend. 

 It was pouring rain by the time we loaded up in the truck to head out Friday night. The Man managed to capture this great pic of the boys ready for a couple hours in the truck. 

 Game 1 was Saturday morning and it was a chilly 55 degrees.  We played a local NorthWest Arkansas Lightning team. The game started slow with neither team scoring until almost half-time. 

Buddy #10 broke the scoreless tie with a rebound-shot to make it 1-0. This is the first attempt at the rebound-shot, I was too excited to actually take pictures of him scoring the goal and his celebration down the field.  

He played hard and was on the field for most of the first half and part of the second.  

We went on to win 7-1, scoring several goals in the last 10 minutes of the game.  
It was awesome. 

We headed back to the hotel, where Babe and LG played legos.  They each had earned a new lego set that we brought along to help keep them occupied.  
This pic was taken just after LG dropped his Star Wars droid cruiser and it busted on the sidewalk at the hotel.  Babe helped him reassemble it.  

Game 2 was Saturday afternoon against a Blitz team that had beaten us once already during the season. 

Again, a pretty evenly matched game with a final score of 3-2 us. Although Buddy didn’t score, he played very well in this one.  

Saturday night we got to have pizza with Zkid's family and this lovely young lady. 
D is seriously growing up before my eyes.  She's awesome and was so gracious to help with Babe and LG the entire weekend. 

Sunday morning was game 3…it was an early 8:00AM game and a cold one. Babe, LG and M.E. stayed back at the hotel while The Man and Buddy left for the fields at 6:45AM. 

Buddy didn’t play much in this game against a different local NWA Lightning team. 
However, they went on to win Game 3 with a final score of 7-1, giving us the #1 seed in the pool and advancing to the championship game for later that day. 

Presentation of the team for the Championship. That's Buddy 4th from the left and the shortest one on the team. 

The finals were against the same team we played earlier Sunday morning. Buddy didn’t start this game, but came in half-way through the first half and played the rest of the game. 

This was Buddy’s best overall game. 
He led the team (of mostly 2nd stringers) in the 2nd half by scoring two decisive goals (almost a 3rd) and dominating possession.

Meanwhile, this guy played legos and LG played on my iphone. 

 I was thrilled I capture him in mid-air as he headed the ball.

He was playing hard and rough earning himself a foul on this one.   

We won the game 6-0 and were champions of the tournament. 
Buddy scored a total of three goals: the very first goal of the tournament for us and then the final two to cap the scoring in the finals. 

He received a championship metal. 

And just happened to be in the middle and held the team trophy.  

03 Boys Clorox Cup Soccer Champions 2013

Much thanks to the Man for writing most of this post!

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