Saturday, November 9, 2013




Earlier this week, when I logged on to post something to the blog, 
I was very surprised to see 1000. 
In fact I had passed it and was at 1003. 

What?!?!?! 1,000?!

Wow, that's kind of cool and awesome.  
It's kind of a big deal, right?

I have reached such a milestone. 
Seriously, 1000 stories, thoughts, tid-bits, ideas and more.  
Probably 2000+ pictures of my little family here in OK. 

This journey started back in 2008 and I seriously thought by now it would have taken us somewhere else, but we are still here. 

There's been lots of trips especially to WA and KY to see family and friends and side vacations to AZ for spring break and fishing for trout on the White River, AR and more. 

Lots of soccer games, baseball games, football play-by-plays and the like.

Many post about the silly and dumb things we've done or not done correctly - like M.E. snippy a weed thinking it was a herb and cooking with it OR the Man stacking up boxes and chairs to reach a light, when there was an unused ladder 4 feet away. 

Funny things the boys have said. 

There has been my slaughtering of the english language with misspelling, run-on sentence, wrong usage of words and so on so forth.  
I taught math remember!

The announcements - when Babe was entering our family and other major family changes.
There have been disappointments, too along the way. 
And prayer requests, when things were hard and family was sick.

But the biggest and most important thing of all, is that its documented. 
It's all here.

Things change and I'm glad that I've tried at least in someway to go with it all and document it along the way for them.  Not sure, if it will ever get beyond this internet server somewhere and make its way into a hardcover book - my dream. 
But at least for now its here - it's archived. 

Thank you to all who visit. I realize its mainly Mamaw in Kentucky and Grampa in Washington and several other family members.  And I'm sure I've delighted you with pictures of the boys and bored you with stories of my craft projects. 

Nonetheless, I will continue. 
I have ideas to change things up, branch out, be more. 
but for now, I will keep on, keeping on. 
Try to grab the camera more often and try to jot down those funny quotes. 

Here's to the next 1,000 - may the force be with M.E. 

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