Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Soccer Season Closes

Its hard to beleive that we are already into November. How did that happen?  Regardless that time is moving too fast for M.E., Buddy's fall soccer season is now over, 
all except one last tournament this weekend.

Buddy's team was new to him this year but its been fun and they've done pretty good with an overall record of....
Goals For65
Goals Against13
Goal Ratio5.00
Win %83.3%

Of those 65 goals, Buddy thinks he probably scored 12 of them and he might be right.  He scored two just this past Saturday. And while its fun to score goals, he is a pretty descent defender too.

According to the website, where I got the above stats, his team is ranked 6th in the state in their bracket.   I'm not sure if that's a big deal of not, as I have no idea how many are in that bracket. But regardless they are a top ten team!

Soccer is in his blood and he simply loves its. And he's pretty good at it.  He's short for his age and often has to work harder (run harder) to cover the same distance.  

After this tournament this weekend, he'll have a game break until January, 
when we start our session of indoor.  I really like indoor and I will certainly look forward to less time at practice and more time at home.  

He doesn't have the best footwork, but he has skill and instinct that have served him well.  He will certainly have to step up the footwork to continue to compete for playing time.   
As for aggressiveness - check, he has that.  

Who knows, what his future holds, but for now its all soccer. 

That is until baseball season starts and I think the Man has already 
scheduled a batting practice for next week. 

Go, Buddy, Go. 
Good luck this weekend! 

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