Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Halloween Story

Oh the fun of holidays, especially fun ones, when you have three boys.

Halloween was a very busy day for M.E.  
Babe and I managed to tag along with LG's field trip in costume.

Babe at the nursing home waiting for LG's field trip.   How awesome is this pic?

And yes, I was in these tights all day.  Babe picked them out and I must say, I loved them. Might have to buy more crazy tights just because.  Although it doesn't look like it I actually do have a dress on, I was holding it back to get more tights.  And of course, purple shoes are cool. 
LG on his field trip. What a cute little Harry Potter!
Babe and I managed to finish up the field trip with LG and quickly make our way over to Buddy's party.  Thank goodness the schools are only 10 minutes apart. whew!

At Buddy's party, the Man met us there to watch the 5th graders perform the "Thriller" dance from Michael Jackson's the Thriller.  Oh my, it was great. 
Zombie's haven't come to life yet. 

Front row for this guy! Look how much fun they are having.  The dance was great and I wish now I would have videoed it.  Oh well! 
After school, we got our pumpkins. Yes, I waited until the day of to buy pumpkins. 
So about 5, we started carving.   

We missed the Man, who was having to work late. But we carved nonetheless. 

Its really cool that Buddy and LG are old enough now to do almost all it on their own.

I cut out the tops and helping LG with his knife work while he did all the cleaning out and design work.

Buddy did his entire pumpkin on his own with no direction or help. Fabulous.

Babe played with his pumpkin.  I did have to clean his out for him.

He really didn't know what he wanted to do. so he just kept cutting and stabbing it. 

LG's pumpkin with a moon and a star!

Buddy's pumpkin who ate too much candy and spilled its seeds!
(his idea, oh boys)

And Babe's with some holes. Kind of reminds M.E. of Charlie Brown's ghost costume in the Great Pumpkin show. 

However the highlight of the night, as always, is the boys hiding in the back of the truck and scaring folks as they walk up for candy.   This year was no exception and Buddy and LG took turns in the back of the truck.  

We had a plan and code words and the like to really get people spooked as they walked by. 
LG happened to time one family just right and literally scared them silly.  
It was hilarious!  The dad was a big dude about 6'3" and 300 lbs and he screamed like a little girl. 
Too funny.  

The Man later asked LG, "where's your beans and cornbread?" to which LG replied, "right here!"  He was squatting in the back of the truck eating his beans and cornbread while scaring people bowl and spoon in hand. Oh my stars, LG there is no one like you. 

Beans and cornbread are just that good!  You can eat them in the back of the truck scaring people on Halloween!

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