Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Project #1

I am making a real effort this year to not stress about the holidays and get overwhelmed with things to do and places to go.  Thus I have let the blog take a back burner for a couple of weeks.

Our calendar is filling up and babysitters are in demand, but I'm just gonna take it slow and try to stay organized and not wait until the last minute to do things.

With that in mind, I talked the boys into our first art project of the season. I saw it on pinterest of course.   And the cool thing was, I had all the supplies. No trip to Hobby Lobby or Michaels required - which meant no $ spent! That's a good thing.

Yes, I had three 8x10 canvas in my stash. I scored them on a clearance rack at Michaels over a year ago for like $1 each.  I knew I'd eventually use them and at that price I had to grab them.
The paint, well, I have lots of paint left over from many other projects along with foam brushes.
Same goes for the gueso (canvas primer) and this particular washi tape, I got for free as a giveaway at the scrapbook convention. Its pink and green, not boys colors, so I didn't mind using it up.

On to the project of making reindeers silhouettes!

I used gueso to prime some canvases and let them dry.  
Then after downloading an image of a deer from the internet, I used washi tape to tape off the outline of a reindeer's head.  

Then all the boys had to do was paint over the entire canvas.  Easy. 

Babe was really into this. He liked painting and being a big boy. 
Of course he has on the official house uniform of just underwear. I'm so used to it I forget that they need clothes on for pictures. oh well. 

What I found interesting is that both LG and Babe started painting on the tape then worked their way to the edges of the canvas.  Buddy, however,  started in one corner and worked his way around until it was all covered, much like the way I would have done it.  Just a little observation about my boys and their personalities. 

A couple hours later after the paint was dry, I peeled off all the tape to reveal the reindeers. 
How awesome are these! 

Left to Right, Babe's, Buddy's and LG's. 

 LG insisted his needed a red nose, so we glued on a little red pom-pom.  ta-dah Rudolph! 

If we don't manage another project, at least we will end with success. 

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