Wednesday, December 4, 2013


We decided to take advantage of the mild temperatures over the break and get the tens of thousands of leaves in our yard raked and bagged.
 Babe was all about being outside and doing yardwork. 

He loves the Man's work gloves about as much as he liked the electric leaf blower. 

He was actually pretty good at it and big help.  

Buddy's goal was to earn his $3 per bag.   It wasn't as easy as he thought. 

LG only joined in at break time for a little impromptu football game.  

I think the break was the Man's idea.  

Regardless, they had a good time.  

Touchdown, LG!  

In the huddle... 

I think LG likes the plan.  

Interception Buddy!  woohoo! 

As for the leaves, I got one bag, the Man two and Buddy one and a half.  He earned $5. 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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