Friday, December 27, 2013


We were very blessed this Christmas and despite the lack of extending family (as in zero), we had a lovely time just the 5 of us.  This is the only Christmas ever that the Man and I have not been with either of our families.  It felt weird and I'll admit a little empty, but it was also nice to just be, relax and do whatever we wanted.

This included the Man taking the boys duck hunting, shopping on Christmas eve, getting our last package at 8 PM, and the Man whipping up an impromptu turkey dinner. It didn't occur to us until like 3 PM on Christmas eve that we didn't have a Christmas dinner planned. So off to the grocery he went, luckily they had thawed turkeys!

Here's Christmas morning...
Note: my pictures aren't the best. With bad lighting and the wrong setting and the boys moving at the speed of light, I did a poor job of capturing the moment.  But you'll get the idea, I think.

Christmas morning at approximately 1:30 AM. 
Nana and Grampa had mailed all of their packages, and I picked up Mamaw's and Papaw's, so the boys woke up to lots of things under the tree. 

Santa brought Buddy a Richard Sherman jersey. He was very happy. 
Santa brought LG a large Lego set, Jabba the Hutt's palace and brought Babe a Lego train. 

Babe loving his new shoes.  

Another Lego set for LG and the one he really wanted.  

LG got the Man this really cool grill spatula that has the seahawk emblem, so that when you press hamburgers the emblem embeds in the meat.  Too cool. 

 Buddy got him a thin camo ski mask for hunting. LG didn't like him wearing this, he said it was scary for him to be a bad guy. 

Another Lego set for LG.  

LG loves, loves, loves, his new corduroy newspaper boy hat from Grampa and Nana.  He was adorable standing with his hands in his pockets, I think he was a bit overwhelmed with it all.  

LG got him this little knit stocking cap too.  He wore it for a second then back to the newspaper boy.  

LG got a Star Wars comforter. Yay, he loved it.  

Buddy opens a duck call.  

Babe was beside himself when he opened Buzz Lightyear. We thought he'd like it, but we had no idea he'd LOVE it. 

That was all she wrote for presents for Babe. He was done. Nothing else mattered.  

Oh Buddy had been wanting this hoodie for months. Yay for patiently waiting until Christmas.  

We finally managed to get Babe to open a couple more presents and he was pretty happy that he did. He got a left handed baseball mitt.  Game on.  

 And last but not least, the Man got the boys a Wii U. Our old wii had busted for the third time back in June and I refused to fix it again. So the Man decided we should up grade to the new Wii U.  We get all the cool things about the new Wii plus can play all our old game. Yay.  The boys were so happy!

We got lots of other cool things.

I got a personal photo printer from the Man and it has changed my life already.  LG got M.E. a cool Christmas ornament and peacock earrings, both of which I loved. Buddy got me the coolest kitchen apron ever-made from Anthropologie and I love, love it.

It was a wonderful day of gift giving and blessings and lego building!

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