Monday, December 30, 2013

December Daily Album 2013

Once again this year, I attempted to complete a mini-album dedicated to the month of December.  A concept called December Daily developed by Ali Edwards.  Love her and this project and although I wouldn't call myself a diehard Christmas lover, I like the idea of focusing on one story everyday leading up to Christmas.  A chance to focus on our little life right now.

Back in October I committed to the project with the pre-order of a December Daily kit from Studio Calico.  By spending this money I knew I'd have to do it.

And I'm happy to say that thanks to my new little at home photo printer and carving out time this weekend, I was able to not just finish the album, but actually "CREATE" this album.  And I'm pretty proud of it.  Of course, its not perfect. My photos are blurry. My pages aren't works of art. But you know what I do have?  I have 25 little stories! Snippets and Pieces of our lives and I love that.

In 2014, I'd like to do this project at another time of year besides December.  Just to have another perspective from another time of year, but without the online community and cool kit, I'm not sure I will make it happen but its nice to think about.

Here's December 1 - 5 from my December Daily mini-album...
 For my cover page, I copied Ali Edwards and gold embossed the chip board '25' from the SC kit and then adhered it to a transparency that I then slipped into a page protector. Definitely worth the time to do this, because I love it and I love the see thru element of it. 25 days until Christmas, 25 stories!

 Day 1 is the story about our leaf raking/football game.
Both photos were taken with the big camera by M.E. 

Day 2 has two stories.  
The left hand side is the little story about the Seahawks and the fabulous season they are having. 

 The right side is the cute little 'Hello' photos of LG.  
His personality is just so FULL and even without words there's a story. 
All photos were taken with my iPhone by M.E.

Day 3 and 4 are not in chronological order and I'm totally okay with that. Its about the stories of December, not a recount of each day. 

Day 3 is the story of my ornaments. I happily built this ornament storage last year and while it worked perfectly, the 130 degrees it got in our attic over the summer caused all the cups to come unglued.  Bummer, but its still extremely effective at organizing my ornaments and keeping them safe. I also have a quick pic of the first ornament of the year. 
Both photos are from my iPhone taken by M.E.  

Day 4 is the story of the tree. I had to blow this picture up and have it printed at walmart because its probably one of the best stories in the album. 
Photo taken with the big camera by M.E.  

This little circle was a PL card that I cut out.  I like cutting up those cards to make new things and bonus - it matched.  

Day 5 was two pages and two stories. Just needed to make that happen and again the stories aren't in order.  

The left hand side is a blown up photo of the Man and I headed out to his company Christmas party.  
Photo taken with the big camera by our babysitter Layla. Thanks La. 

The right hand side is the story of waiting for the snow to come. It was the day I had to pick up Buddy early and the Man had to get LG because it was sleeting.  Once everyone got home, Buddy decided that it was time for the Polar Express.  It felt officially like winter, with the sleet and snow coming down and watching a Christmas movie, LG loved it.  
Yes, that little transparency card is backwards, but that's because it describes the next day! 
Photo taken with the big camera by M.E. 

Happy December Daily. More posts to come! 

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