Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Juggling Babe

Babe loves Dora the Explorer and Boots the Monkey.  
Every Tuesday and Thursday, we watch at least 2 or 3 episodes. 

This week, Dora and Boots went to the circus. And of course they had to help. Boots speciality - juggling. 
Juggling, what? Bananas

Just so happens we had three bananas on the kitchen counter.  

And before I knew it, Babe was juggling.  Again and again.  

 He gathered his bananas and tossed them up. 

He had seen it done and he was thinking hard about what he needed to do.  

He switched hands a lot.  

And tossed them a lot.  

Sorry so blurry, terrible lighting and no idea how to get good indoor pictures, makes for images like this.  But you get the idea - three bananas flying. 

And again. 


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