Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Random Thoughts Volume 13

Here are my Random Thoughts to get you caught up on the silly things going on around here!  

1 - Most of these pics were posted to Instagram - my new obsession. It is just awesome. 

2 - Babe is still obsessed with hats or anything he can make into a hat, including this dvd case.

3 - The Seahawks won their playoff games and are going to the Superbowl. BIG deal around here.

4 - We got to take the boys to a concert last week.  LG's school has a Rock Band Music Program and 10 of their bands (middle and high school students) performed.  It was awesome, although the boys were a little nervous because it was SO loud. 

5 - Buddy has officially went up a pant size in his uniforms - hopefully the growth will be a real spurt. 

6 - Youth group has began again for the spring, so I'm back working more than I want. 

7 - Buddy had his first academic tournament and his team took first place.  He also was one of the top scorers on his team. We were seriously blown away by his knowledge and confidence. WOW! Taking after his cousin Sman!

8 - Did I mention the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl?

9 - Buddy's indoor soccer season began and its my favorite form of soccer. Unfortunately our lack of practices really showed and the we lost 0-6.   Buddy is the only one on the team I think with indoor experience, so they have to learn how to use the walls.

10 - okay so this is completely random.  When I'm not on Instagram, I'm on pinterest and the other day while I'm scrolling on my phone, these two random pins were next to each other.
SERIOUSLY?  I had to take a screen capture of my phone, because that's just cool.
Aqua with gray chevrons is apparently IN!

11 - LG hosted his first every sleepover last weekend.   It was awesome and they had a great time playing the new Wii U and watching movies. I took them and Babe to the aquarium as well, he had a great time.

12 - Babe got the leaf blower again!

13 - Our New Year's newsletters are in their envelopes waiting to go to the post office.  Hoping to make that happen before the 1st of February.

14 - One thing I really don't like to do is get up before the sun. But when I do, I get to see rises like this.  And its almost worth it. only almost.

15 - Seahawks are going to the SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!

16 - This is the river that I cross on the highway everyday, twice a day.   It has been so cold here that the water has begun to freeze along the banks and sandbars, but that huge circle (see the arrow) is a flock of pelicans.  Crazy... I thought they were some kind of snow geese but Buddy said they were for real pelican.  By the way, Buddy took this picture while I was driving, not M.E.

17 - Its the last week of January and I haven't started my Project Life 2014 album yet, but I'm not too worried.  I got the album. I got organized. I got supplies.  I'll be ready to go by this week's end.

18 - Winter Olympics 2014 start next week and we can not wait to watch us some curling.

19 - We did a massive playroom clean and purge.  When this happens the boys discover forgotten toys. Babe has sent been cooking in his kitchen a lot.   I like how he organizes his food.  I think its safe to say he is my son. 

20 - Speaking of organizing, here's what I did during the nerve-wrecking football games.  I reduced my scrap cardstock stash to quick, usable project life sizes and tabs. Lots of tabs. Love it.


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