Saturday, March 15, 2014

Indoor Soccer

I've said it time and time again. I love indoor soccer way better than outdoor.  Using the walls, the quick pace and short halves, its just fun to watch. 

Last week, I got to take the Buddy to his indoor game.  Upon arrival, we got a little intimidated by the size of the other team.  As in they were nearly all over 5 feet tall and looked tough.  

Right out of the gate, the opponents were bullies. They used their weight and size to push our players around, knock them down and had little skill.  It took our little and quick boys about 2 minutes to adjust.   Buddy went in about about 6 minutes into the first half and on his second touch of the ball was slammed into the wall hitting his elbow on a beam.  He was hurting, but the hurt was his fuel.  He quickly showed that boy was real indoor soccer was and dribbled that ball on and off the wall around him multiple times.  He stiff-armed, he shoved and he play hard core ball. 

His effort and beast mode paid off! He score 4 of our teams 5 goals.  


It was by far one of the best games I've seen him play and I loved it. When he got off that field he was beaming and I couldn't blame him.   I eventually remembered his elbow and he said he was fine, but upon inspection, it was split wide open!  Probably could have used a stitch, but he said he was fine and it didn't hurt. Oh my stars, this kid.  I love his passion and conviction. 

Proud of you, Buddy! 

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