Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Day 1

We left Oklahoma headed east about lunch time Sunday in the pouring rain.  So super happy the Man and I were proactive and ordered a bedcover for the truck weeks ago and installed it Saturday because the further east we got, the rain began to change over to snow.  
This was taken about 2 hours from our destination on the White River. Over an 1" on the ground.  
An hour later we were in heavy snow with the bridges beginning to completely cover over.  To say that I was a nervous-wreck was an understatement. But I prayed quietly to myself, the Man drove very carefully and slow and the boys were just happy it was snowing. 
We finally arrived safely at around 7 PM. Took us an extra hour and the Arkansas Road Crews did a fantastic job of sanding and clearing the main roads. 
Our evening view, 3+ inches on the ground and 20 degrees.  We were very happy to get settled in for the night!  Many more pics and stories to come!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day for the White River, AR! 

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  1. Been so behind on blog reading...get on my kindle a and miss you all