Wednesday, March 5, 2014

News Studio

LG's cub scout group went for a tour of a local television station last week and it was really cool.  I had no idea how small the studio's were. I seriously thought they would be huge but there aren't at all.

In the news room, reporters were working on their stories and listening to police scanners.  
LG was telling the PR lady why it was important to listen to police scanners for news.  So funny!  I'm glad he was into it!  

Coming up live at 6!  

Of course the high light of the tour was the green screen. So cool.  I kinda wanted to go play with that myself.  Just to see if I could do the weather. ha!  

Here's LG with a green folder, making it look like he is into two pieces.  So cool and fun.

It was a really great tour and so glad to have gone. 

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