Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pinewood Derby

A couple weekends ago - (I know I should have already posted, but better late than never) - was the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Race. 

LG and the Man actually worked for several weeks and days in advance this year instead of the night before, getting this car ready for the track. 

Wheels and axels were polished and Lego constructions built. 

The Wolf Den

 It is easy to say that LG was the most animated and into cheering on his car. 
His feet were off the ground nearly as much as on it. 

 He was confident in another win, although it wouldn't be in the car this year.  Each time it came down the track Lego pieces were flying off. It got lighter and lighter and wobblier and wobblier.

 He cheered and jumped but his little car just wasn't the fastest on the track. 

 The Lego Machine only won 2 of the 20 races. 

 Here it is on the middle track. 

He was disappointed and wanted to be upset and cry because he didn't place. 
But he was really happy for his friends and quickly was on to other activities. 

His personality is like none other and its such a blessing and challenge all rolled in together. But who couldn't love this Little Guy jumping for his car! I mean really???! 

Better luck next year, LG. We are proud of you! 

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