Monday, April 14, 2014


Buddy got to participate in a really cool thing a few weeks ago, call Junior Achievement BizTown.
5th grade students from 2 other schools joined our class to run a city.

There was a mayor, newspaper, college, bank, restaurant, business, and the like.  Each student was employed and had to work, get paid, go to the bank and make purchases.  So much fun.

Buddy was the Chief Financial Officer of a major oil + natural gas company. 
This is him in his office, along with meter readers, engineers and CEO. 

He was luckily enough to get to work with Zman, who was an engineer.  

 As CFO, he was in charge of all the payroll of their employees, paying all the bills that came in as well as make deposits for incoming revenue. 

Here he is at the bank.  ha! 

He was super busy all day.  He was exhausted and said he really didn't look forward to having to do that everyday. 

I was so fortunate to get to volunteer for this event and get to check on him through the day. 
So cool! 

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